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City of Cut and Shoot Participated in 2022 Memorial Day Ceremonies


Montgomery County hosted a Memorial Day event at the Montogomery County Veterans Memorial Park on Memorial Day, May 30, 2022. 

Water Clerk, Lavonne Renfro was there to represent the City of Cut and Shoot. This event hosted various ceremonies honoring those who have served in the various military branches. The focal point of the ceremony centered around the dedication of "The Line" a series of monuments that encircle the lake that is inscribed with the names of veterans who served and also those in active duty.  One highlight of the event was the grand parade of the Pathway of Flags. Lavonne, Realtor Stacy Blair, and Baylor student Rheanna Blair participated in the placement of US Flags along the walkway that encircles the lake. 

The Park is a project in motion that continues to expand with an Educational and Visitors Center coming soon. There are many historical plaques around the park that tell a story of the people who have served and sacrificed to provide the freedom we all enjoy. 

Memorial Day 2022